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Copac system maintenance

Copac is currently undergoing major system maintenance. We anticipate this will involve a period of downtime for both Copac and CCM Tools at some point during the last two weeks of April. All going well the downtime should be short, but we don't yet have a date for this so the services should be considered at risk during 15th-30th April as they may be unavailable at short notice.

Identify last copies. Assess material for retention, digitisation, and conservation. Visualise collection strengths. Quickly discover rare and unique holdings. Develop new collections. Explore subject collections across the UK. Produce graphs and reports. Whatever your collection management needs, the Copac Collection Management tools are here to help you streamline your workflows, and make the most of the valuable data in Copac.

The pages in our User Support section contain many examples of how libraries are already using CCM tools to inform collection management policy, and simplify day-to-day activity.

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