Project Archive

The Copac Collection Management Tools project began in January 2011, funded by the Jisc Discovery programme, and set out to support the effective management of library research collections in response to increasing demands on budgets and storage space. Working with community partners and RLUK, the project involved the iterative development and testing of a prototype web-based collection management tools service, based on the Copac database. It came about in response to the requirements of community and was built around specific workflows and requirements.

During each phase of the project, the partners developed a range of use cases, investigating how the CCM Tools could help with space management, improve decision-making and provide a powerful tool for advocacy work with user communities. Guided by a supportive project board, concerns about ensuring long-term access to print materials for the research community as a whole were also explored and participants were strongly supportive of being able to use the tools to avoid the loss of 'last copies' nationally.

In 2013 trial access was opened up to all RLUK member libraries, the majority of whom enthusiastically embraced making use of the Tools. The support from RLUK members, as demonstrated by their contributions to our community events and user survey, provided further evidence of the value and benefit of the Tools to the community. This evidence has supported the decision by Jisc to fund the transfer of the project to become ready for service, with the intention of widening access to the broader community and enhancing the infrastructure and interface prior to launch.

Since the CCM Tools project began, we have documented activity through a series of reports, case studies and blog posts. These are now archived on these pages.