CCM Tools: Access

UK colleges, universities and research establishments

The CCM Tools Search interface is accessible to members of the UK Access Management Federation, which includes most UK colleges, universities and research establishments. This provides a single sign on mechanism for staff and students of an institution to access systems and resources. Using this mechanism for access to CCM Tools avoids the need for us to issue separate login details for the majority of users and ensures access is simple and easy.

However, this means that access to CCM Tools is available to all members of an institution who have an institutional ID and password. All staff and students can log in and search the CCM Tools to compare collections and holdings, although probably on a fairly small scale due to the nature of the search and upload functions. The information users can obtain is the same as that visible openly via Copac but is presented in a different way, with additional manipulation and visualisation tools.

Individual institutions and library staff may want to consider if this accessibility poses any level of risk to their information sharing and collection management policies. If you do have concerns please contact the Copac Helpdesk in the first instance.

Copac contributors & others

We have a separate access mechanism for Copac contributors who are NOT members of the UK Access Management Federation (you can find a list of UK Federation members here). To obtain a login please contact the Copac Helpdesk with the following information:

Subject Line: CCM Tools Access Request



Email address

Applications for access from other interested parties will also be considered, usually for a limited period. Contact the Copac Helpdesk with the details above and also include the reason for and duration of your request.