Batch Search

Use the batch search to check large numbers of items. You can upload a file of standard numbers (max 80,000) or a file of MARC21 records in MARC exchange format (max 10 mb):

  • A standard number search will identify all matches with existing records in the Copac database
  • A search with a MARC exchange file will deduplicate the uploaded records against existing Copac records. In the results set the uploaded records will be merged with and, where relevant, consolidated into existing Copac records. If you are not a Copac contributor, this makes it easier to review your holdings against those of libraries whose holdings are already in the database

See also Keyword batch search for large keyword searches.

Create a file of standard numbers:

  • Your batch file must be in the form of a comma separated list,
    e.g. a set of ISBN's such as: 0903793903,1902576330,1902576594,9780903793353,9780903793452,9780903793308
  • Your file must be 'text only' format.
    If you are using a word processor, save your file as Plain Text with a .txt file extension e.g. test-isbns.txt
  • If you are creating your file of numbers in a spreadsheet, save your file as Comma Separated Values with a .csv file extension eg test-isbns.csv

Warning: If you are using a spreadsheet to create your file ensure the ISBNs etc. are defined as text in the spreadsheet column. If the data type is not specified your ISBNs may be identified as numbers, which can result in leading 0's being dropped from the ISBNs within the spreadsheet. This will invalidate the ISBNs and will affect your search results.

  • A single batch file can contain a maximum of 80,000 numbers in the form of:
    • 10 or 13-digit ISBNs
    • 10 or 13-digit ISMNs
    • Local record numbers (available for Copac contributors only, as these numbers are included in their records in Copac)

Note: With very large batches, you may find the searches are OK but the visualisations don't work well (if at all), or are slow to display.

Create a file of MARC records

  • Generate a file of records in MARC exchange format, by extracting data from your LMS or cataloguing system
  • Note that the maximum MARC exchange file size is 10 mb

Carry out the batch search:

  • Select the Browse button - this will open a new window: select your pre-prepared file from your computer
  • Select the number type you have used from the drop down list e.g. ISBN
  • Select the 'Search' button to carry out the search, which will match item numbers from your list against Copac holdings

See Refine Search for help with options to further refine your search.

The ‘Batch search in progress’ screen will appear while your search is processed: large batch searches can take a little while. The search will continue in the background so will not be affected by using the browser window for other things. The following options are available:

  • You can wait: when the search is complete the results page will automatically be displayed
  • You can do another search while waiting for your results
  • You can check your batch search history and results on the Search History page later (via the link at the top right of every page). Your batch search results set will be retained for ONE WEEK.