Keyword Batch Search Help

When performing a Keyword Search, if you think the result set will be large select the batch search check box. This bypasses the standard search maximum of 5000 records for refining and visualising results.

For example:

  • An author search for 'Garnier, Frédéric', or a precise subject such as 'Forest management France' works well as a live keyword search;
  • A search for 'Prokofiev, Sergey' or the broader subject 'Forest management' works OK but you will need to be patient whilst the visulaisation is generated;
  • But searches for the author 'Dickens, Charles' or the subject 'Database management' are better run in batch mode.

Enter your keyword search then select the batch search check box.

Select the 'Search' button to carry out the search against Copac holdings.

See Refine Search for help with options to further refine your search.

The ‘Batch search in progress’ screen will appear while your search is processed: large batch searches can take a little while. The search will continue in the background so will not be affected by using the browser window for other things. The following options are available:

  • You can wait: when the search is complete the results page will automatically be displayed
  • You can do another search while waiting for your results
  • You can check your batch search history and results on the Search History page later (via the link at the top right of every page). Your batch search results set will be retained for ONE WEEK.