Keyword Search

Use the Keyword search form to find a set of records based on their Author, Title and/or Subject keyword.


This search includes any names associated with the creation of a document, including editor, illustrator. It does not include name as subject.

  • Enter a name in its familiar form, using quotes to indicate a phrase. For a phrase search the name should be inverted eg:
    "Dickens, Charles"
    "Snow, C P"


This searches the main title of a document.

  • You can enter a full title or keywords, using quotes to indicate a phrase eg:
    "Evolution of speech"


This searches all subjects given in the records regardless of source.

  • You can enter one or more title or subject keywords, using quotes to indicate a phrase eg:
    "civil engineering" bridges

If you think the result set will be large select the batch search check box. See Keyword Batch Search for help.

Select the 'Search' button to carry out the search against Copac holdings.

See Refine Search for help with options to further refine your search.