Refine Search

You can refine your search in a number of ways:

By Library:

The default option is to include all libraries (ie who contribute data to Copac) in your search. However you can limit the search to one or more libraries, for example to compare your collection with other specific collections.

  • Select the check box to select the libraries required
  • If you select more than one library the system will search for eg. ‘Lambeth Palace OR York Minster’ so will find records for items held by one or more of the selected libraries

Using 'My Library Groups':

You can also limit your search to the holdings of a saved group of libraries using the ‘My Library Groups’ function.

  • Under MY LIBRARY GROUPS click on 'Create/Edit Groups'
  • Enter a name for your library group e.g. Art Libraries
  • Check the boxes next to the required libraries (you can select as many libraries as you wish)
  • Click 'Save'. Your Library Group will now be listed under MY LIBRARY GROUPS
  • Return to the Search screen, enter your search terms, then select the Library Group required before clicking the 'Search' button
  • The system will now return records held by one or more of the libraries in your selected group
  • Edit or delete your library groups by clicking on 'Create/Edit Groups' again
  • To edit a group: select it, make your changes, and click 'Save'
  • To delete a group: select it and click 'Delete'

By Region:

You can limit your search to a regional group of libraries, for example to get a regional picture of collection strengths.

  • Click the check box to select the region(s) required. You can select more than one region
  • Using the region limit means the search will only look for records that are held by one or more libraries in the chosen region(s)
  • A full list of libraries grouped by region is available

By Number of Holding libraries:

You can limit the display of your search results to only include records with a specified number of holding libraries. This allows you to review the results depending on what you are trying to assess.

For example: if you wish to be assured you can safely discard materials that are widely held you might choose to view records for materials held by 8 or more libraries. Alternatively if you wish to check on the likely rarity of materials in your collection you might chose to view records for materials held by 2 or fewer libraries.

  • Select the holding libraries option required from the drop down box, then click the ‘Search’ button
  • Using this option doesn’t change the records found by your search: it only affects the display of those results
  • You can also change this limit option after searching (when viewing results) using the Refine Results option.

Deduplicate results:

You can choose to deduplicate your search results using one of four levels of deduplication. These are explained in more detail in the Deduplication Help.