Standard Number Search Help

The Standard Number Search enables you to find a set of records (up to 50 numbers) based on a standard number such as ISBN.

Enter up to 50 numbers in a comma separated list e.g. a set of ISBN's such as:

To search larger numbers of items use the Batch search.

Select the number type from the drop down list. The available options are:

  • ISBN: International Standard Book Number in 10 or 13 digit form
  • ISMN: International Standard Music Number in 10 or 13 digit form
  • Local record number: i.e. local system numbers, eg b32985484. This option is available to Copac contributor libraries only, as local system numbers are included in the Copac database when their data is uploaded. For non-contributors to Copac, the Local record number option will be greyed out

See Refine Search for help with options to further refine your search.