CCM Support

CCM Tools allow you to analyse and evaluate your collections against those of other libraries using the data held in Copac.

CCM Tools:

  1. Are easy and intuitive to use
  2. Are freely available to all H.E. institutions, regardless of whether they contribute to Copac
  3. Give you control: of the queries you run, the holdings you search, and the materials you focus on
  4. Provide immediate access to data, and allow you to move quickly from search to analysis
  5. Give an overview of holdings at national level, which gets richer as Copac continues to expand

Read our quick guide to the main features of CCM Tools, where you can download our introductory walk-through exercise.

Or find out how to use the Tools for:

For more information on who can use the Tools, see our guidance on Access.

For anything else, browse our Help pages, or get in touch.